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Quote & Revise from XWork: Contributing doesn't always mean having CVS commit access. In fact, some of the best open source contributors never have CVS commit access. In order for wwportlet to be successful, we rely on help in many areas other than writing software. These include:

    Submitting bug reports (with patches!)

    Writing documentation (esp. based on common issues in the forums)

    Helping out in the forums


We recognize people who help out in any way by adding their name as a Contributor to the Development Team.

Becoming a developer

The wwportlet project leaders look for people who have submitted bug reports (with patches), helped out with writing documentation, and stay active in the community forums. If you believe that you are ready to be a wwportlet developer, submit a request to project owner's email box.

wwportlet 1.0 Released (2005-07-13)